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PALU established its Secretariat in Arusha, Tanzania,in January 2010, this was in order to be proximate to — and provide a platform for its members to engage — the nascent African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which also has its seat in Arusha. There are processes in place to upgrade this Court to be the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, which will thus handle interstate and, possibly, Regional Economic Community (REC) matters, in addition to its important human and peoples rights protective mandate. There are also AU Assembly Decisions towards extending the African Court's jurisdiction to encompass a range of international crimes, which would further increase its profile, pre-eminence and possible value to African lawyers, human rights activists, business people and citizens in general.

Donald Deya (Kenya)

"All for Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Good Governance".

Chief Executive Officer - 2010-Present.

LL.B, Dip.Legal Practice, Dip.Human Rights-Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, Uni of Lund,  Sweden.
C/Person- International Coalition for Responsibility to Protect. - CCP-AU and Caucus for Children's Rights.
Former Chairperson - African Court Coalition. Dep.ED - ICJ-Kenya and Legal Society of Kenya.

Francois. J. Godbout

Evelyn Chijarira (Zimbabwe)

"A Human Rights activist with a passion for human rights and actively advocates for the right to a fair trial."
Programme Manager – African International Law.
LL.B, LLM candidate.
Litigates before the AfCHPR & EACJ.
Law Society of England and Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Alumni,

Anita Alfred Kyaruzi (Tanzania)

"Is a strong Pan Africanist and advocate for Human Rights."
Programme Officer - AfCHPR.
LLB, LLM in Legal Practice. Alumni of Cornell University-Attended the Makwanyane Institute on the Death Penalty.
Member of; Tanganyika Law Society & East African Law Society. A recipient of the certificate of excellence from Association of Defence Counsel-ICTY.
Has worked at the legal advisory section of the ICC, and now litigates before the AfCHPR & EACJ.
Anita loves to travel and explore new cultures and a food lover, playing board games & basketball.

Nelson Ndeki (Tanzania)

All for Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Good Governance".
Associate Legal Officer- Litigation Department.
Member of the Tanganyika Law Society.
Litigates before the AfCHPR & EACJ.
Fluent in English and Kiswahili.
Nelson likes to read books.

Kasichana. R.Mumba (Kenya)

"Life is a one-way trip, make the most of it"
Associate Legal Officer-Office of the CEO.
An advocate of the High Court of Kenya & a certified Mediator, whose passion lies in Upholding the rule of law & pursuing justice for all.
Fluent in English and Kiswahili.
Kasi loves going to the beach, taking long walks with dogs & reading lots of fiction novels in her spare time.

Brian Mossi (Tanzania)

"The globe rotates around numbers, remember this always".
Senior Finance Officer.
B.Com Accounting, MBA-General.
Fluent in English and Kiswahili.
Brian likes listening to soft music.

Japhet Azza (Tanzania)

"Submit to God and you will have peace".
Finance Officer.
Certified Public Accountant
Fluent in English and Kiswahili.
Japhet likes to read the Bible and listening to gospel music.

Gasper Faransa (Tanzania)

"If it's not working, RESTART!"
Associate Information & Technology Officer.
Fluent in English and Kiswahili.
Likes to listen to old school music, watching movies, all for video games.

Patricia Ainembabazi (Uganda)

"Today,If your not Online,You don't exist".
Associate Communications Officer.
Bsci. Journalism, MBA-General.
Understands that Content is anything that adds value to the viewer.
Fluent in English, Intermediate French and Kiswahili.
Cameras, Coffee and Chocolate. Loves horses, dogs, and the Wildlife.