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Dear Members and Friends,


Over the last year, the Executive Committee (Board) and I, and also our Secretariat, have had discussions with many of you towards establishing of Members’ Committees (sometimes also called ‘Practice Committees’). Such Committees would enable us to involve many more of our members in the daily life of PALU. We commit to providing African lawyers and law firms the ideal platform to coalesce with others from across the continent and the diaspora who practice in the same specialised areas of law: to enhance interactions amongst them; to network both within the continent and with counterparts globally; share news, developments and trends; ensure continuous legal education (CLE); and also work together to further develop these practice areas. These would be forums that cater for well-established, as well as emerging areas of legal practice. In working together, the Committees would be able to identify current thought and industry leadership as well as develop and nurture new talent. Depending on the diligence and proactivity of each Committee, we would facilitate for it an electronic Mailing List, its own Blog/ electronic journal, etc.We envisage that the Committees would interact electronically throughout the year, and would begin to organize specialist conferences, with the assistance and facilitation of our Secretariat, and under the overall supervision and guidance of the Executive Committee (Board). The Committees would also host Panel Discussions, Seminars and even Side Events during the PALU Annual Conference, where the crème of the legal profession in Africa (and our friends) will be gathering.

In the premises, and based on our discussions with you – our members and stakeholders – the PALU Executive Committee (Board) has established three (3) Sections and up to fourty (40) Committees within them. You can find them here. We invite current and prospective members of PALU to write back to us, at, and express interest in joining any of these Sections or Committees. If you would also like to play a role in a Section or Committee (either as Chair or Co-Chair, Secretary or Joint Secretary, Communications Officer, etc) kindly also let us know, and include your Resume/ Curriculum Vitae. If your law firm, law firm alliance or Law Society/ Bar Association would like to host, sponsor or otherwise assist any of the Committees, kindly also let us know, and include your corporate profile. Information on how to become a member of PALU is here.

We will hold interactive dialogues and formally launch the Committees, when we meet in Abuja, Nigeria in three weeks’ time for the 2015 PALU Annual Conference. Information on the upcoming PALU Conference can be found here.

This is a new and revolutionary step in the growth and development of the African legal profession and we welcome you to join us at this time, as we move forward.

We encourage you to share this email with other colleagues or stakeholders who may not currently be on our Mailing Lists.


Yours Sincerely,


Elijah C. Banda SC

President – Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU)

PALU Members' Committees

Section on Business Law (SBL)

  1. Banking and Finance Law
  2. Commercial Law

Section on Legal Practice (SLP)

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  2. Big Law Firms Group/ Committee
  3. Business and Human Rights Committee/ Working Group
  4. Constitutional and Human Rights Law
  5. Conveyancing and Land Law
  6. Criminal Law
    1. Criminal Law Reform Sub-Committee
    2. Sexual and Gender-based Violence Sub-Committee
  7. Editorial and Publications
  8. Energy and Natural Resources
  9. Environmental Law
  10. Family Law
  11. In-House Lawyers’ Group/ Committee
  12. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law
  13. Intellectual Property (IP) Law
  14. International Law
    1. International Criminal Law Sub-Committee
    2. International Human Rights Law Sub-Committee
  15. Law of International Organizations Sub-Committee
  16. Law Practice Management
  17. Litigation
    1. Sub-Committee on Litigation in African International Courts and Tribunals
  18. Maritime
  19. Medico-Legal
  20. Regional Integration Law Committee
  21. Sole Practitioners’ Group/ Committee

Section on Public Interest and Development Law (SPIDEL)

  1. Access to Justice, Legal Aid and Pro Bono
  2. African Lawyers Defence Committee
  3. Awards Committee
  4. Deontology, Ethics and Standards
  5. Democracy, Elections and Governance
  6. Economic Governance
    1. Anti-Corruption Task Force
    2. Illicit Financial Flows Task Force
  7. Future of the Legal Profession (Agenda 2063)
  8. Law, Peace and Security

Fora/ Groups

  1. Academics’ Forum
  2. Bar Executives’ Forum
  3. Judicial Officers’ Forum
  4. Lawyer Diplomats’ Forum
  5. Lawyer Legislators’ Forum
  6. Government Lawyers’ Forum
  7. Women Lawyers’ Forum
  8. Young Lawyers’ Forum

Advisory Committees (1)

  1. Membership Services
  2. Resource Mobilization



(1) Committees established to advise and assist the PALU Board (Executive Committee)

African Human Rights Action Plan 2017-2026

PALU at Court | Litigation

African Human Rights Action Plan 2017-2026

Commitment to the Code of Ethics