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PALU Executive Committee
PALU Executive Committee (2014-2017)
  1. President – Mr. Elijah Chola BANDA, SC (Zambia)
  2. Vice President – Central Africa: Mr. Gabriel SINARINZI (Burundi)
  3. Vice President – Eastern Africa: Mr. Eric Kyalo MUTUA (Kenya)
  4. Vice President – Northern Africa: Mr. Rached BARKACHE (Tunisia)
  5. Vice President – Southern Africa: Ms. Maureen KONDOWE (Malawi)
  6. Vice President – Western Africa: Mr. Emeka Jude Phillipe OBEGOLU (Nigeria)
  7. Secretary General - Mr. Kari ABDOUL BAGUI (Cameroon)
  8. Deputy Secretary General - Ms. Gigi REID-MILES (Swaziland)
  9. Treasurer - Mr. Bruce Kwarisiima KYERERE (Uganda)
  10. Chief Executive Officer (Ex Officio): Mr. Donald Omondi DEYA (Kenya)
PALU Executive Committee (2009-2013)
  1. President: Mr. Akere T. MUNA (Cameroon)
  2. Vice President for Central Africa: Mr. Vincent KARANGWA (Rwanda)
  3. Vice President for Eastern Africa: Mr. Hashim AL JA’LY (Sudan)
  4. Vice President for Northern Africa: Mr. Mohommed JMOUR (Tunisia)
  5. Vice President for Southern Africa: Mr. Elijah BANDA (Zambia)
  6. Vice President for Western Attica: Mr. Mame Adama GUEYE (Senegal)
  7. Secretary General: Mr. Akintola Anthony AKINBOTE (Nigeria)
  8. Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Bruce KYERERE (Uganda)
  9. Treasurer: Prof. Tom Odhiambo OJIENDA (Kenya)
  10. Member: President, Ethiopian Bar Association: Mr. Seleshi KETSELA (Ethiopia)
  11. Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Donald DEYA

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African Human Rights Action Plan 2017-2026

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