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Membership Categories and Benefits

Members of PALU are lawyers, professionals and institutions from various areas of law practice and professionals interested in developing the law and legal profession, the rule of law, human rights and the socio-economic development of the African continent and the support of African regional integration.

Categories of Membership

  1. Ordinary Membership - This is open to any African lawyer and requires a payment of a once-off joining (registration) fee of $50 + $ 50 renewal per year.

  2. Life Membershiponce-off payment of $ 1,000

  3. Special Endowment Membership - This is open to distinguished African lawyers at a once-off payment of $ 10,000
  4. Institutional Membership - This is open to national and regional Bar Associations and Law Societies and requires a yearly payment of $ 2,000.

By being a member of PALU you enjoy the following benefits:

Stay Updated and Informed

  1. Subscription to our monthly Electronic Newsletter (e-newsletter) and periodic Electronic Bulletins (e-bulletins) on topical legal news, information and issues.
  2. Premier access to our print publications (journals, law reports, magazines, policy briefs, etc), for free or at a subsidized members’ rate.
  3. Access to cutting edge commentaries and legal analyses (that will not be available to non-members).
  4. Participation on our online discussion platform, interaction with other lawyers, stakeholders and friends of PALU, contribution to discussion forums and groups on different topics.
  5. Premier access to our online resource centre such as the African Law Database.

Join Africa’s Largest Legal Community

  1. A detailed listing in our online directory of members which will enable you to make connections and meet professionals from similar areas of law practice or those relevant to your areas of interest as well as from the same region.
  2. Premier continental networking platform and unprecedented access to a broad network of distinguished African legal dignitaries, decision-makers, professionals and scholars.
  3. Opportunity to join the PALU Members' (Practice) Committees which wil provide you with a unique opportunity to coalesce, interact and network with other African lawyer and law firms from across the continent and diaspora who practice in the same specialized area of law.
  4. Unique Members ID number, on a first come – first serve basis.
  5. A membership Identity Card.
  6. Invitation to our various conferences, workshops, seminars and other networking events.
  7. Participation in our Affinity Programme, whereby we will collectively bargain for benefits for members.
  8. Opportunity to advertise on our website and in our publications.
  9. Access to premium content online.
  10. Life and Special Endowment Members will also benefit from premier listing services including advertising and coverage on both our website and printed media. In addition, the Special Endowment Members will be granted space on our website to provide more detailed information about their practice and areas of expertise.

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