Executive Committee

PALU established its Executive Committee in Arusha, Tanzania, in January 2010; this was in order to be proximate to — and provide a platform for its members to engage — the nascent African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which also has its seat in Arusha.

There are processes in place to upgrade this Court to be the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, which will thus handle interstate and, possibly, Regional Economic Community matters, in addition to its important human and peoples rights protective mandate. There are also African Union Assembly Decisions towards extending the African Court’s jurisdiction to encompass a range of international crimes, which would further increase its profile, pre-eminence and possible value to African lawyers, human rights activists, business people and citizens in general.

Executive Committee (Board) for 2018 – 2021

Mr. Emeka Jude Phillipe OBEGOLU



Mr. Coco Kayudi MISAMU

Vice President
Central Africa

(Democratic Republic of Congo)

Mr. Paul Revocatus KAUNDA

Vice President
Eastern Africa


Ms. Fathia Hedhili MESSOUS

Vice President
Northern Africa


Mr. Gilberto Caldeira CORREIA

Vice President
Southern Africa



Vice President
Western Africa



Secretary General


Mr. Koffi Sylvain ATTOH-MENSAH

Deputy Secretary General





Dr. Rugemeleza A. K. NSHALA

President, Tanganyika Law Society (Host Bar)


Mr. Donald DEYA

Chief Executive Officer
(ex officio)


PALU Executive Committee
(2014 – 2017)


  • President: Mr. Elijah Chola BANDA, SC (Zambia)
  • Vice President – Central Africa: Mr. Gabriel SINARINZI (Burundi)
  • Vice President – Eastern Africa: Mr. Eric Kyalo MUTUA (Kenya)
  • Vice President – Northern Africa: Mr. Rached BARKACHE (Tunisia)
  • Vice President – Southern Africa: Ms. Maureen KONDOWE (Malawi)
  • Vice President – Western Africa: Mr. Emeka Jude Phillipe OBEGOLU (Nigeria)
  • Secretary General: Mr. Kari ABDOUL BAGUI (Cameroon)
  • President of Tanganyika Law Society: Ms. Fatma Karume (Tanzania)
  • Deputy Secretary General: Ms. Gigi REID-MILES (Swaziland)
  • Treasurer: Mr. Bruce Kwarisiima KYERERE (Uganda)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Ex Officio): Mr. Donald Omondi DEYA (Kenya)

PALU Executive Committee
(2009 – 2013)


  • President: Mr. Akere T. MUNA (Cameroon)
  • Vice President – Central Africa: Mr. Vincent KARANGWA (Rwanda)
  • Vice President – Eastern Africa: Mr. Hashim AL JA’LY (Sudan)
  • Vice President – Northern Africa: Mr. Mohommed JMOUR (Tunisia)
  • Vice President – Southern Africa: Mr. Elijah BANDA (Zambia)
  • Vice President – Western Attica: Mr. Mame Adama GUEYE (Senegal)
  • Secretary General: Mr. Akintola Anthony AKINBOTE (Nigeria)
  • Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Bruce KYERERE (Uganda)
  • Treasurer: Prof. Tom Odhiambo OJIENDA (Kenya)
  • President of Ethiopian Bar Association: Mr. Seleshi KETSELA (Ethiopia)
  • Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Donald DEYA (Kenya)

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